Let’s face it—glass-top stoves are hard to keep clean. A few drops of water spilled while cooking can create crusty halos around your burner that won’t simply wipe away clean. Burn marks can build up over time until your stove constantly looks dirty. It’s a frustration we all share. Thankfully, there’s a solution—and it’s an easy one.

Bon Ami powdered cleanser excels in the kitchen, and a glass-top stove is no exception. Because a ceramic glass-top stove isn’t coated in another material (like a window or mirror is), it’s okay to use a mild abrasive cleaner like Bon Ami to remove residue and stains. Why? Because calcite and feldspar, the base abrasive ingredients in Bon Ami, are softer than silica quartz—a type of mineral used in many abrasive household cleaners. Bon Ami works well on stovetops because it’s tough on stains while also being gentle on surfaces.

To make your glass stovetop look new in minutes, first wipe it down with a wet cloth. Then, sprinkle the surface with Bon Ami powder cleanser.

Next, gently rub the stained areas until they become smooth again. If the stain doesn’t rub away at first, apply more Bon Ami and continue working it until it disappears.

Follow the cooktop manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. The cleaning of a glass-ceramic cooktop should be uninterrupted; with plenty of water used to keep surface moist. All the cleaning solution, including any residue, should be completely removed from the surface once cleaning is completed. Bon Ami, or any cleaner, should not be left in contact with the cooktop for an extended period of time.

When all the stains have been rubbed away, wipe the surface clean using a wet cloth. For a streak-free shine, dry the surface using a clean, dry cloth.

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