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America's original natural home cleaner

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Powder cleanser

Bon Ami Powder Cleanser "Hasn’t Scratched Yet!"®, but it has changed – for the better.

Bon Ami still uses the trademark feldspar and limestone as gentle, effective abrasives, but now combines them with even more sustainable cleaning agents. Plus we’ve added a touch of baking soda to help absorb odors.

Bon Ami Powder Cleanser’s label is a bold interpretation of the classic red banner and Bon Ami’s famous just-hatched chick. The paper and steel package contains a high percentage of post-consumer recycled paper and can be recycled again.

What’s the Difference?

Bon Ami offers powder cleansers in two distinct formulas. To get at the difference between them let’s go back almost 5000 years to the first recorded recipe for soap. The first soaps were made from discarded animal fat (which is acidic) and a little soda ash from a wood fire (which is basic) to make a new solid that bubbled and cleaned. For millennia, that basic recipe didn’t change. But in the 16th century, people in the Castile region of Spain started blending plant fats like olive oil with ash to produce what came to be known as Castile soap. This was more expensive and generally reserved for cosmetic use, not general cleaning.

Original 1886 Formula

Bon Ami 1886 Formula

When Bon Ami Original 1886 Formula was created it was state-of-the art, crafted to care for homes and kitchens with a gentle effectiveness that was unlike anything else on the market. The recipe was simple: tallow soap and feldspar. Bon Ami’s innovation was adding the more gentle abrasive powder feldspar to make a soap that was effective at cleaning but gentle on surfaces. We still make the 1886 Formula Cleaning Powder the same way. We find that many customers prefer this formula for specialty uses.

Bon Ami 1886 Original Formula now wears a red label to help customers identify it right away.  Being more of a specialty product, it’s a little harder to find.  Look for it at your local TrueValue store, Do it Best store, Ace Hardware store, or on-line at

Powder Cleanser

But kitchens and bathrooms have changed, and need an updated cleaner. Bon Ami Powder Cleanser is the answer. This formula starts with biodegradable cleaning agents, then adds feldspar and the even softer abrasive, limestone. We add a little bit of soda ash and a touch of baking soda. The result is an effective cleaner for modern surfaces.

Bon Ami Powder Cleanser is our most popular, general use powder.  It is offered in a gold foil label, and can be found in most grocery stores, as well as online at

Energy Conservation Tip: Use water at ambient, rather than hot temperature for rinsing Bon Ami Powder Cleanser from the cleaning surface.

Favorite Uses for the 1886 Formula

People write in all the time with interesting uses for the 1886 Formula Cleaning Powder. One of the most common is cleaning glass. The original formula is safe to use on most glass because the tallow soap means that slurry of the powder and a little water will glide over the glass surface, cleaning away dirt but not scratching. This formula leaves behind a slight, invisible film that protects the glass from salt spray making it a favorite for boats and seaside homes. This film keeps mirrors from fogging up in the bathroom too.

If you have a favorite use for the 1886 Formula Cleaning Powder, write us and tell us what it is.


Chick Rating 5All products performed well but I especially liked the liquid cleanser (I do miss the solid Bon-Ami bar). My stove top looks like new.

- Jane

Chick Rating 5Great Product, I don't even bother putting it away. I use it to clean just about everything. Does not leave behind a grity residue.

- Brenda Hine

Chick Rating 5I like to use a little bit each time I am finished doing the dishes, it keeps my stainless sink sparkling and clean!!

- jennifer

Chick Rating 5...thanks bon ami for making a good product even better...i appreciate the easier rinsing on the bon ami powdered reallie cuts some time in the cleaning process...i have used & loved bon ami for gets a work out in the bathroom, kitchen & our jewelry making studio, scrubbing oxidation off metal!

- cintra

Chick Rating 5I love this product, I've used it for several years now. I use it to scrub pots and pans and I also use it to scrub my bathtub. It's very important to me that the cleansers I use aren't causing chemical harm to the environment so thank you for not letting me down.

- Denise Milfort

Chick Rating 5I love it Love it

- Dana Rogers

Chick Rating 5I used to use various acidulated cleansers to take care of hard water stains on my stainless sink and other stainless fixtures around the house. Not only do they smell awful, they're never quite up the the task. The light abrasive in this cleansing powder is exactly what I needed. Amazing results, thank you.

- Herf

Chick Rating 5I love this stuff. I have eczema on my hands and am allergic to latex so I cant wear gloves. I use this stuff and my hands do not break out. It is great that it is natural and still works. Thank you!!

- Lindsey

Chick Rating 5I love this product! It cleans my bathtub,sinks, pots and pans, stove top and MORE. I had cleaned my stove top with Comet and couldn't get all the crud off, but when I received this powder cleanser I decided to give it a try, and it totally cleaned my stove top, INCLUDING the crud comet couldn't get up! It doesn't hurt your hands, and it rinses much easier than bar keepers friend or comet. This stuff has changed my life! I love it!

- Teresa

Chick Rating 5I LOVE Bon Ami! I use it on everything - from pots & pans to the kitchen sink to the bathtub. Stubborn water spots and soap scum? Gone with Bon Ami! This is the best non-toxic cleanser (inexpensive, too!) a house can have. If you haven't tried it, you should.

- Bree

Chick Rating 5My husband and I bought an antique cabinet with glass front doors. We had to strip it using strypeze paint remover. WELL, we were tired, it was dark and some of the stypeze had gotten on the glass and etched it in streaks down the front. I was heartbroken. The glass is original and I did not want to replace it. We tried everything, paint thinner, apple cider vinegar, windex, more strypeze, nail polish remover and white erasers. NOTHING worked even a litte. Every time it dried, the streaks were as visible as ever. I said a little prayer that I would find something that would work and I just happened to have some of your powdered cleanser under the sink. I figured I had nothing to lose, so I went at it. NOT ONLY did it remove the streaks, it gave the glass an amazing shine!! I am SO happy! Thanks for a great product!! I can't wait to be able to share this information with my family and friends!

- Diane23

Chick Rating 5I have been using this product for over 40 years. When I was a kid an elderly neighbor showed me how to remove a scratch from a watch face with it. Back then it was in a cake form and I still have it my garage. I now use the powder to clean a fleet of trucks that I have in my recycling/waste company. We use it for all the chrome, stainless steel, aluminum and glass. There is nothing on the market that work any better or faster than this stuff. I am a customer for life.

- Jay McMenamy

Chick Rating 5Holy smokes.... this is the best cleanser EVER!!! I don't know where I've been, but I have never tried this stuff before (the powder cleanser). Totally bought it on a whim at a Target on sale. Tried it on the bathtub and shower... oh my gosh, it is like a brand new bathroom!! I cannot believe it! Kinda creeps me out that the bathroom was that dirty and I didn't realize it! And for a "scrub," I usually don't buy those because they are a lot of work. But this was a piece of cake! Already I have recommended this product to everyone I know. I can't wait to see if I can find the other products, too!

- kamisue

Chick Rating 5I have used BonAmi powder for over 20 years. My children know not to use anything other than BonAmi on my dishes or stove or any thing that I need an abrashive cleanser on. It is so gentle on glass and fine products as silver. I love what BonAmi does for my home use. I plan to include the other products in my cleaning. It is very hard to find them in the stores in my area; I was glad to see your web site. Thank you for your continuation of such a valued product.

- Cozetted

Chick Rating 5This stuff really works!!! It is exceptionally affordable, and makes things look like new.

- Tony

Chick Rating 5It's a fantastic product that somehow made its way to a Cold Storage in Singapore and I am SO thankful it did. It cleaned off 20 years worth of cooked on grease from my cooker hood that had resisted all kinds of cleaners- chemical, natural and mechanical. Saved my sanity!!

- Corrinne

Chick Rating 5I have been using the original powder cleanser since I was I was very young, it is a very good product for people like me with a lot of allergies to scents and chemical cleansers place I was getting it has shut down. That was 30 miles from me.

- Jeanbug 551

Chick Rating 5I have to write a comment that your cleaner works exactly as advertised. In a world of come-ons, gimmicks and down-right deceptions, it is a pleasure to use a product that does exactly what it says it will do. Kudos to you !

- Thomas M Myers

Chick Rating 5I help run a cleaning company in NC and we've been using this for years. When the company first started, we were trying to find the best cleansers out there. We found Bon-Ami cleaning powder and have never used any other powder cleanser since! It works wonderfully and leaves pretty much everything looking shiny and clean! Really a great product.

- Abe

Chick Rating 5Greatest cleaner I have ever used! We bought a house and the kitchen was filthy. The countertops had ground in stains from the last 40 years. With Bon Ami, they now look like new. I really didn't think we had bright white countertops. Really, try it, you will not regret it!

- Amanda

Chick Rating 5In these times of increasing complexity and tension it is reassuring to have a steadfast friend who has stood the test of time. BonAmi has been that for me. Back in the 1950's I used to work in my father's shop repairing toasters, irons, electric frying pans etc. These items came into the shop really cruddy with scorched on starch, baked on food, grease, and cooking oil. The last part of the repair service was to clean the item. I dampened a cloth and put a dab of BonAmi on it to make a damp past and RUBBED really hard to clean the chrome to a like new shine. It never scratched and the customers exclaimed that the item looked new and they felt they got their money's worth and that made me feel good. I still have some of that BonAmi in the rectangular box.

- Erik

Chick Rating 5I love Bon Ami Powder and want to be able to continue using it. However I really liked the new products and would but them as well. I especially liked the liquid cleanser in my bathroom sink which is mounted in an antique chest of drawers. The small bottle is just right for putting in the drawer and I liked that feature.

- Mike

Chick Rating 5I used this in the '80's when I was bartending through school, and have always compared any other products to it for the results they should have been able to give. Thanks for providing a solid and useful product that doesn't harm the world.

- Lisa

Chick Rating 5I have been using Bon Ami for 35 years and love it but the recent change has not been for the better. It used to clean better with less product.

- c

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