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America's original natural home cleaner

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Liquid cleanser

New Bon Ami Liquid Cleanser has the same gentle effectiveness of the original powder, but is easier to apply to vertical surfaces such as shower tiles, tubs, sinks, and walls. Like the powder, it contains the simple ingredients that have made Bon Ami a household friend for more than a century.

Bon Ami Liquid Cleanser eliminates difficult soap scum and hard water deposits. Yet it is gentle enough to be used on fiberglass, stainless steel, porcelain, chrome, and other fine surfaces. To use, simply squeeze onto a wet surface or damp sponge, rub away the mess, and rinse clean.

Bon Ami Liquid Cleanser is available in a Free + Clear version that has no added scent. And now Bon Ami offers a version of the product scented with natural essential oils. This fragrance, Tangerine Thyme, is a delightful fusion of mandarin orange, tangerine, orange, thyme, and clove.

Environmental benefits

The new Bon Ami products walk their talk with recycled and recyclable packaging. The new labels are bold interpretations of the classic red banner and Bon Ami’s famous just-hatched chick.

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Chick Rating 5loved the liquid cleanser, either scented or unscented- so much easier to use than the bon ami powder that I use on pots and pans and stove top grease. I would buy it at almost any cost for the ease of use. It works as good as the old bon ami cake that I miss for some cleaning jobs. I did like the lite scents in all of the products, nice but not overpowering.

- John, January 2010

Chick Rating 5Our kitchen sink is white porcelain. Its only about a year old but was stained and looking brown. My parents always talked about Bon ami so I went looking for it on the web. So glad to find your company. Sink is now sparkling white. I would not trust anything else to clean well and not scratch. Thanks

- Sandy, January 2012

Chick Rating 5At last!!! A liquid cleaner that is clear and leaves a beautiful clean shiny finish. Thanks. Now you need to get it into more markets like Safeway and Fred Meyers.

- Mamamcgyver, May 2012

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