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Dish Soap

For generations, people have used Bon Ami Powders to gently polish away stubborn stains and baked-on foods. Now Bon Ami Dish Soap extends the line with a liquid dish soap perfect for a quick clean up or a sink full of dishes.

Bon Ami Dish Soap was created with the same emphasis on gentle effectiveness as the original powders. Read through the ingredients – right there on the bottle – and you’ll see there is nothing in the Dish Soap that will harm the environment either inside or outside your home. The all-natural ingredients are tough on greasy dish soils, but gentle on the skin, and will never contain phosphates or chlorine.

Because the ingredient list is short and natural, the Dish Soap may separate in cooler temperatures. Should that happen, simply give the bottle a quick shake. And take a notice of the bottles: made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastics, some batches may look foggy, others crystal clear. Bon Ami knows users will prefer the peace of mind of good stewardship over high-tech perfection.

Bon Ami Dish Soap is available in a Free + Clear version that has no added scent. And now Bon Ami offers a version scented with natural essential oils. This fragrance, Tangerine Thyme, is a delightful fusion of mandarin orange, tangerine, orange, thyme, and clove.

Environmental benefits

The new Bon Ami products walk their talk with recycled and recyclable packaging. The new labels are bold interpretations of the classic red banner and Bon Ami’s famous just-hatched chick.

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Chick Rating 5I love the product, but having a hard time finding in stores. Amazon and EBay are to expensive for just one bottle. Need to know where to buy.

- Gwen, ohio, February 2015

Chick Rating 5

- Gwen, February 2015

Chick Rating 5I always had cracks in my thumbs until I switched to home made hand soap and Bon Ami dish soap. What an amazing difference! Not only do I have the soft hands of a child again, my nails now grow without breaking. People have no idea how harmful chemicals are, and we've all been conditioned to believe that if things don't foam they aren't cleaning, but that's not true at all. Now, my home is chemical free. Thank you for a fantastic product. Please get it out to more grocery chains.

- Susan, August 2014

Chick Rating 5I bought the Tangerine and Thyme Dish Soap for the first time this weekend, and I'm in LOVE. The cute, retro packaging caught my eye and I liked the ingredient list, so I figured I'd try it. It's perfect for dinner dishes, but it's also an EXTREMELY good grease-cutter for tough jobs. I keep dishware and crystal above my kitchen cabinets and they get very greasy from cooking and collect dust, which makes for a sticky mess. I filled the sink with hot water and Bon Ami dish soap and soaked everything. It was like magic. The gross, filmy layer came right off when I took my sponge to it. Thanks for a fantastic product!

- Meredith, January 2014

Chick Rating 5I first started using the dish soap about a year ago, I really liked it. The store I bought it from ran out and didn't have it again for a while. When I purchased the soap again it was like a completely different product. It was so thin it might as well have been water. The lovely tangerine and thyme scent that I loved was almost non detectable. I wondered if the formula was changed or if I just got a bad batch, so I purchased a new bottle and got the same disappointing product again. This is so unfortunate because I really loved the original product.

- J. Manzola, November 2013

Chick Rating 5I have been using this dish soap for over 3 yrs (?) now. Although it is not advertised as "low sudsing," I find that it is, which is one of the things I love most about it. I don't end up with a sink full of suds that take forever to rinse down. I also love the light scent of the tangerine. Thank you for this great product. I sincerely hope Bon Ami stays around for many more years to come.

- momof2byz, July 2012

Chick Rating 5I received some samples of Bon Ami's new dish soap at my local supermarket. I've always had the Bon Ami cleansing powder around so I thought I'd try the dish soap. At first I was skeptical about it working because it doesn't make as much suds as the brand I usually used. After buying a bottle and using it for over a month I have to say I love it. I love the tangerine scent. It works extremely well and doesn't clog my sink with extra suds. It also helps keep my sponge from getting smelly.

- Deb Squicciarini, March 2012

Chick Rating 5My husband is allergic to sulfates. (He used to run an oil company, but he quit when his doctor determined that his 2 1/2 years of pneumonia were caused by the sulfates in oil burner soot.) Most soaps and dish detergents are based largely on sodium lauryl sulfate. So when our daughter discovered that your dish soap was not, she bought us a bottle. Although it does apparently contain a small amount of sulfate in the form of epsom salts, it is little enough to avoid the problems my husband has with the other soaps. We love this product! It gets the dishes clean, comes out of the bottle in a controlled amount unlike more watery products, and it doesn't irritate my husband's skin! (Hey, I have a husband who is willing to wash the dishes, so anything I can do to make the job less unpleasant for him rates high in my book!)

- , December 2011

Chick Rating 5I have finally found a product that cleanses well, and doesn't cause my skin to split, crack and generally itch. It also cleans anything in my kitchen without residues, funky after smells, and doesn't encourage mold and mildew. I wish I had this years ago. I'm slowly suing up my other products so I can switch to Bon Ami for all of my cleaning needs. Thanks!

- Lisa, July 2011

Chick Rating 5I was so excited to see that you had a new dish soap, however, it has separated and no amount of shaking seems to combine the ingredients again. Karen Kiesel

- Karen Kiesel, April 2011

Chick Rating 5Love this!! Been cutting out chemicals in all cleaners and gave this try. Works great smells delicious. Can you love a dish soap?

- MrsG, September 2010

Chick Rating 5It makes doing dishes a pleasure, the light scent is delightful and the best part it is so gentle no my hands. Thank you Bon Ami!!

- jennifer, July 2010

Chick Rating 5I really like the Tangerine + Thyme Dish Soap and my wife really likes the Free + Clear Bon Ami Dish Soap. Both clean really well without being too sudsy. We use an organic loofah scrubber and these tackle any plate, or pot, or pan with baked-on food or grease...and leave the sink area fresh without heavy fragrance.

- Ben, June 2010

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