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America's original natural home cleaner

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All-purpose cleaner

The nonabrasive Bon Ami All-Purpose Cleaner can be used on many surfaces inside and outside the house, from floors and walls to windows and vinyl car seats. Its simple, effective formula works to remove the toughest messes, including oil, pet stains, food spills, and much more.

Bon Ami All Purpose Cleaner is available in a Free + Clear version that has no added scent. And now Bon Ami offers a version of the product scented with natural essential oils. This fragrance, Tangerine Thyme, is a delightful fusion of mandarin orange, tangerine, orange, thyme, and clove.

Environmental benefits

Like all Bon Ami products, All-Purpose Cleaner works without phosphates or harmful chlorine. The new Bon Ami products walk their talk with recycled and recyclable packaging. The new labels are bold interpretations of the classic red banner and Bon Ami’s famous just-hatched chick.

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Chick Rating 5I really liked the clear liquid multipurpose cleaner. It did not leave a smeary residue like Formula 409, which I usually have to wipe afterwards with water. It cleaned well and made my appliances sparkle. I think I could use it on glass or my microwave and it would work great.

- John, January 2010

Chick Rating 5After trying out many "green" cleaning products which left a film on glass, we recently began using Bonami All Purpose Cleaner on the glass display cases in our gallery. No film, no mess and sparkling clean! This product is immensely better than the best selling glass cleaners on the market and beats all of the "green" products by a long shot!

- Pennie, February 2010

Chick Rating 5I love using this product everywhere in the house and as a Yoga teacher I have recommended this product for cleaning yoga mats. The added oils go hand in hand with the practice. Thank you for a wonderful product. I can't wait to try the others.

- Mary, October 2010

Chick Rating 5Our microwave is 11 years old. I have tried to clean the grease that has built up over the years. Nothing seemed to work. I bought your all purpose cleaner in Bon ami Housewarming gift. Wow was I impressed. The greasy mess just melted right off. Looks like a brand new microwave!!

- Sandy, January 2012

Chick Rating 5I've been in love with this cleaner (and the dish soap) since I found it randomly at my local grocery store - Hannaford- a few years ago. It works great and has a lovely scent. Here's the problem: it's impossible to find! No longer in brick-and-mortar stores, not on Bon Ami's own website, and $37 for a single bottle on Amazon. (<-- not a typo). What's the deal, Bon Ami? Please don't tell me it's discontinued....!

- Marmoxmag, December 2014

Chick Rating 5OK, is this stuff gone? I will literally.... well, I won't kill myself but I'll want to. It's no longer at market basket, the .et is grayed out--is it true? I can't get this? Is there any left? I'll buy a case. Two. Please? The softsoap stuff, too. I said please. Please??

- juliel, January 2015

Chick Rating 5I loved this stuff and have been searching everywhere for it - I finally came here in desperation only to find out it has been discontinued :(

- DeWitch, August 2015

Chick Rating 5I am SO sad that this has been discontinued! It is the best cleaner I have ever used. Will it come back?

- Deb Houston, August 2015

Chick Rating 5Why is this discontinued? This is an amazing product! Please bring it back!

- Ester Ford, January 2017


- CHUKS OBASI, March 2011

Chick Rating 5I can't believe that the All-Purpose Cleaner has been discontinued. This is the best spray cleaner I've ever used. Any chance it's coming back? Thanks.

- Annette, February 2015

Chick Rating 5The cleaner was the best. So sad to learn it has been discontinued. Too bad most people associate Bon Ami with the powdered cleanser. Maybe better advertising would have made this cleaner more popular. I wish I could buy more.

- The best cleaner, August 2015

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